You have heard the Real Estate phrase of Location, Location, Location!

The digital translation is Content, Content, Content!

To keep your business website healthy it requires constant maintenance. It also needs to stand out and be noticed amongst all the noise that is the www.

The biggest mistake a business can make today is setting and forgetting a new website.

You start with … you know what you are about, want you want to achieve. You know your customers and want to provide the best service possible.

Then …

Content, Content, Content!
Content Is King!
Content Matters!

However you say it, your website content is the connection to your customers and to providing them with answers and solutions.

Use Words That Your Customers Use

Your content needs to be visitor centric! Use words that your visitors would use. Your visitors are looking for answers and solutions to their problems .. your content needs to be well written to clearly and simply provide the answers and solutions. 

n writing your content remember you are writing for your visitors. Think about the terms and phrases that real people use.

Content written in “visitor English” with your website visitor in mind also gives search engines the content that better matches the words, term and phrases that users actually use when searching!


Putting genuine testimonials on your home page, on your product and services page adds that personal touch.

Make your customer testimonials highly visible!

Customers are more inclined to consider the product or solution and trust the provider, if they know that other customers have had a good experience.


Visitors to your website want to know about you and if you and your business is for them!
Make it about you, make it personal and make it let them know how you are the one to solve their problem.

Some quick do’s & do not’s …


  • Make it personal about you and your business, personal details that connect with your visitors.
  • Give it personality.
  • Have a “this is what I do and why I love to do it”.
  • Identify who your ideal clients are
  • Convey how you solve client problems
  • List your credentials, simply tell visitors the facts about you. How long have you been in business and qualifications.
  • List client success stories.
  • Include press articles.


  • Fill it with industry jargon, remember your content needs to be visitor centric, Use words that your visitors would use.
  • Make it just a boring bio
  • Make it an ego trip


Keep Content and Details Up To Date

Are your business, contact details, pricing and other information on your site up to date?

Make sure your contact details are prominent … make it easy for your website visitors to contact you.

Have you been neglecting your blog? Blogs or news articles that haven’t had recent updates can give customers mixed messages … “gone out of business”, “nothing really new”!

Contact Forms

Are your “contact us” forms working?
Are they being delivered to the right person in your business to provide a quick response?

Easy to check, simply go to your website and send one!

Give your customers an automated response after they have completed your form, let them know that it has been sent and give them an indication of when they will hear back from you. And respond within that time!

Calls To Action

You want your website visitors to convert to customers, so add your calls to action where they can be easily seen.

They can be a simple as “Contact Us for More Information” or something more direct “Get A Free Quote Now!” Or “Book Your Free Consultation”.

Make sure you let your customers know when you will get back to them!

Titles, Descriptions & Images

Create titles and descriptions for each page, this makes it easier for search engines to index your page and display the best information.

Good clear titles and descriptions will encourage potential visitors select your website from the search results.

Social Media

Add social media buttons to link to your social media pages and also share your content on social media.

Make the buttons prominent and encourage visitors to engage with your business on social media platforms.

Check your social media sharing buttons!

Social media sharing allows your website visitor to share your website and add their own comments, but they automatically pick up an image and content to add.

Is it the best image and best words to reflect your business.

Most social sharing allow you to customise the image and words that are used. Simple to check … click on the share button!
Make sure what is selected for the image and content is accurate. If not change!

Mobile Friendly

Don’t assume that your website is mobile friendly, check!

Over 50% of visitors to your website will be using their mobile device.

Check how your page layouts appear on smaller phone screens.

A layout that looks great on a desktop, laptop or tablet may not look the same on a small device like a phone.
eg. A layout on a wider screen of Image 1, Text 1 then a new row of Text 2 Image 2

On a small phone screen this can display as Image 1, Text 1, Text 2 Image 2, down the smaller phone screen

Not the optimum order for visitors to easily read.

Check your mobile screen navigation.

A navigation menu with lots of drop down submenus on a wide screen device can become a huge list on a smaller phone screen.

Avoid The Gimmicks!

They may look and sound great BUT excessive use of flash graphics, music and popups can send visitors looking for the back button and another search result.

If your website does use sound and videos, ensure that your visitors have clear access to controls, stop, pause play and volume.

Popups used for call to actions and sign ups can be very effective when used well, but popups that pounce on visitors and demand attention as soon as they arrive on a page can simply turn them away from your website.


It is vital to regularly check your website.

  • Inject fresh content into your website
  • Update Testimonials
  • Check Contact Details
  • Check Forms
  • Check Social Media Links & Sharing

Frequently updated websites and fresh content gives search engines a new reason to update and give you some search results love.

If you don’t have a content strategy for your business website, create one!
t can as simple as …

  • Update the content of one web page each month, add new images, refresh the words, add a testimonial.
  • Add one blog or news article a month.
    Keep a list of blog or news article ideas, grab one and start writing, add a little each week. It is not then the huge “ahhhh I’ve got to write a blog” moment.

Contact me or your website person if you have any questions on keeping your website healthy.