Tracking the Progress or Status of Projects & Tasks

Whether you’re new to Evernote or a longtime user, using Evernote for personal or business, there are always clever and unexpected ways to use Evernote tags, notebooks, table of contents and other tools to streamline your processes and workflows.

We all have our own way of tracking the progress of projects & tasks or tracking a workflow. Here are two simple ways of using Evernote to help you track the progress or status of your projects or tasks …

… by moving notes between notebooks.

Evernote can help you track the progress of projects, tasks, processes, just by creating separate notebooks and dragging and dropping notes between them.

For example, you’re tracking the progress of a project …

Create the initial note about the project and put it in an Evernote notebook “Projects To Do”.

When the project is ready to start, you just drag the note to the “Projects Ready To Go” notebook. If it’s a shared project you can share the notebook with colleagues for feedback.

The idea is to create notebooks for each stage of a project that match your needs and then simply drag and drop notes between the notebooks to indicate the status as the project moves forward.

e.g. Create notebooks “To Do”, “Initial Discussion”, “Proposal Submitted”, “With Client” “Approved”, “To Schedule”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, etc.

Tip: Use #’s so that the notebooks stay in your defined status order.

… by using Evernote tags.

Or by simply using “tags” to manage and report on the progress the project.

A common mistake users make is to create up a single notebook and add a multitude of different notes. A simpler approach is to set up one notebook per project, that can be shared if needed, and then simply using tags to manage the status.

Create the project Notebook and the add notes as required.

Then create a range of “tags”, that suits your needs and then applied to the notes to indicate the project’s status.

e.g. Create tags “To Do”, “Initial Discussion”, “Proposal Submitted”, “With Client” “Approved”, “To Schedule”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, etc.

Tip: Did you know you could “group” Evernote tags?

You can even use tags to indicate the In Progress %.

Then simply update the note’s tag as the project move forward and report by sorting projects using the tags.