Free WordPress Website Health Check

Valued at $249

As time goes by, “wear and tear” starts to impact your WordPress website.

To make sure your site is operating at optimum performance and achieving your website and business goals, you need to give your site a regular health check.

The key areas of the health check report include…

  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly
  • Check how quickly your website page loads
  • Check if your site is using a SSL certificate (this provides a secure connection between your visitors and your site)
    All of these areas can negatively affect how Google ranks your site in search results.
  • Run a security scan on your site to check for viruses, malware etc (some can be nasties that may be running in the background without you knowing)
  • If you run an online shop, ensuring it allows users a simple and quick shopping experience, checkout and payment
  • Check your website is connected to Google Analytics, with search engine friendly data being correctly used and optimised eg page headings, page titles and descriptions
  • Check to ensure your website is user friendly based on layout, colours, fonts, font sizes, menus & navigation
  • If you have Social Media links, confirming they are working

As you can see, this is an in depth report, please allow up to 3 business days for the report to be completed.

Once the report is completed we will be in touch to make a mutually convenient time to schedule a 30 minute Zoom meeting.

During the call we will go through your health check report with you to fully explain the contents so that you can understand how important it is to your website.

Free WordPress Health Check Conditions Apply
Limit of 1 Free Health Check Report per Website