Highly recommend Reid Tregoning for all things technical, but more importantly for all things website.
I am so grateful … he listened, and I mean really listened to what I was looking for, HEARD it and ran with it.
So grateful for his input, insights, patience, understanding and clear instructions.
Next best thing, he will take care of my site with all things techno, so I can get on with creating.
Thank you being … FABULOUS soul and BRILLIANT service.
Raelene Byrne

Soul Journey Mentor

Reid Tregoning has worked with me for a few years now, and I found him so helpful and so understanding of my digital dinosaur ways.
Reid explains it in a way that I don’t feel like I’m useless, he is kind, considerate and professional and gets the job done.
I appreciate everything he has done, and that he doesn’t charge a fortune as some web developers do.  
The most important quality that Reid displays is his ability to think outside the box, he knows that creative people like me don’t want to be bogged down with all that techy stuff, so he is prepared and appropriate about doing the things that need to be done to keep the web presence alive and well!
Anne Clark

Lifestyle Health Consultant & Author

I had had the same Internet Service Provider for 13 years when that facility was cut off abruptly. It was a distressing time for me as my only point of contact with my business is my website. I was speaking to Reid Tregoning, knowing that he was techie when he very kindly said “I can help you with all of that”. Well, you could have heard my sigh of relief across the state.

So within a day we had the process underway. It took a little bit of time because as it would become apparent, the provider I had put up with for all that time really wasn’t providing a quality service. Not only did Reid bring all of my ‘stuff’ up to scratch, he was so kind and understanding during my small bouts of panic and then anger at what had been forced onto me.

As they say, there is a gift in everything. Reid has completely transformed my online presence. I highly recommend Reid should you be looking for an IT person who not only knows what he’s doing, he also brings buckets and spades of kindness into the mix for those that don’t understand what’s going on.

Amanda Foy

Amanda Foy ~ The Emotional Strength Trainer

Think creating your webpage can’t be a beautiful – almost spiritual – experience? Think again with Sharreid Digiital.
Thank you for your patience, wisdom and expertise.

Eliza Redgold / Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd

Author and Academic

There are not many days go by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I found Reid! I now don’t have to worry about my web site or hosting. He does it all, from updates, maintenance to web site hosting. He also goes beyond that and has helped me with my Facebook and social media. He is has always been available when I have run into trouble and been quick with a solution. Reid is an asset to my business and is an easy going and lovely person to deal with. I cant recommend him highly enough.

Helen Coulter

Helen Coulter Art