Thank you for your amazing work building our new website. We are thrilled that we conquered the mammoth task of having it go live and membership renewals in 2 short months. And without your incredible skill and expertise, I am sure this would not have been achievable.

We love the clean line and simple functionality of the website and we are getting some great member feedback.

On behalf of the committee, members, and Health Professionals of the LAQ community, we thank you for your most valuable contribution as we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. We look forward to our continued working relationship. Forever grateful.

Uff. Hon. Tersa Gambaro

President, Lymphoedema Association of QLD

I had had the same Internet Service Provider for 13 years when that facility was cut off abruptly. It was a distressing time for me as my only point of contact with my business is my website. I was speaking to Reid Tregoning, knowing that he was techie when he very kindly said “I can help you with all of that”. Well, you could have heard my sigh of relief across the state.

So within a day we had the process underway. It took a little bit of time because as it would become apparent, the provider I had put up with for all that time really wasn’t providing a quality service. Not only did Reid bring all of my ‘stuff’ up to scratch, he was so kind and understanding during my small bouts of panic and then anger at what had been forced onto me.

As they say, there is a gift in everything. Reid has completely transformed my online presence. I highly recommend Reid should you be looking for an IT person who not only knows what he’s doing, he also brings buckets and spades of kindness into the mix for those that don’t understand what’s going on.

Amanda Foy

Emotional Strength Trainer

There are not many days go by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I found Reid! I now don’t have to worry about my web site or hosting. He does it all, from updates, maintenance to web site hosting.
He also goes beyond that and has helped me with my Facebook and social media. He is has always been available when I have run into trouble and been quick with a solution. Reid is an asset to my business and is an easy going and lovely person to deal with.

I cant recommend him highly enough.

Helen Coulter

Animal Fine Art Paintings & Prints

Having created my own first baby website for my then baby business by trial and error – it was simple, outdated yet easy to navigate.  I resisted having a new one created as it was an area I had mostly heard ‘tough’ stories about – people spending many thousands of dollars only to have problem after problem.  I was very resistant to the many suggestions I received about updating, upgrading, remodelling my website.

Enter Reid Tregoning!  From our very first conversation (and there have been many now), Reid has been so patient, generous, supportive and has assisted me so much in growing into my current website that I am so happy with.  As my business has grown this website feels a much truer reflection of the business and with Reid’s knowledge, skill and responsiveness has been a remarkably simple process!

Now that I am getting some marketing direction and guidance we are tweaking it more and Reid makes it all so simple, easy and understandable and get things done in a very timely manner.  We now have in place a management package that covers what we are doing and growing the site as the business develops and I have total confidence that the website can become all it needs to be.

Reid is a kind man who is very, very good at what he does.  He cares, is fair and trustworthy and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Helen Callanan

Founder & Educator, Preparing The Way

After having some serious security/techy issues with my site and my developer nowhere to be found, I ask a friend of mine who is her “go to” person for this kind of work.  She did not hesitate in referring me to Reid Tregoning from Elegant Websites For You.
Working with Reid was honestly one of the best experiences, not only in a web developer/client experience, but in any business/client experience across any and all industries in my life.  I am not remotely exaggerating here. The level of care and attention, and SPEED with Reid worked was impeccable.  And he explained things, with screen caps in his regular updates to me in layman’s terms so I could understand.  And when things got super complicated, he went above and beyond to get it all sorted out for my business.  And when I say above and beyond, I mean it.  He included things I never even knew I needed without any hesitation.
Hands down THE BEST.

Lisa Jemus

Tarot Solutions

Highly recommend Reid Tregoning for all things technical, but more importantly for all things website.

I am so grateful … he listened, and I mean really listened to what I was looking for, HEARD it and ran with it. So grateful for his input, insights, patience, understanding and clear instructions. Next best thing, he will take care of my site with all things techno, so I can get on with creating.

Thank you being … FABULOUS soul and BRILLIANT service.

Raelene Byrne

Soul Journey Mentor

Reid Tregoning has worked with me for a few years now, and I found him so helpful and so understanding of my digital dinosaur ways.
Reid explains it in a way that I don’t feel like I’m useless, he is kind, considerate and professional and gets the job done.
I appreciate everything he has done, and that he doesn’t charge a fortune as some web developers do.

The most important quality that Reid displays is his ability to think outside the box, he knows that creative people like me don’t want to be bogged down with all that techy stuff, so he is prepared and appropriate about doing the things that need to be done to keep the web presence alive and well!

Anne Clark

Author, Speaker & Wellness Advocate

Think creating your webpage can’t be a beautiful – almost spiritual – experience?
Think again with Elegant Websites For You.
Thank you for your patience, wisdom and expertise.

Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd

Author and Academic

This is my first time setting up a website and a business.
Reid was very patient and helpful. He  provided instruction sheets on things I had to do and follow up on.
Reid had a lot of practical tips and supported me in every step that was required.  Any questions I asked were answered, he liaised with the graphic artist, and helped in many ways to guide me through the process.
Thank you Reid for all your help and support. I really appreciate your expertise.

Ros Wright

Inner Vision Ageing