A simple question, but if you don’t know it can cost you both dollars, time & loss of business!
You decide that your new business need a website.
You choose to use a company that provides you with a complete package, domain, website and hosting and hand over your $’s.
But what happens if suddenly that picture of your online website suddenly is gone from the web, the company’s phone is disconnected, their website is gone and emails bounce as “undelivered”?
A story shared in a Facebook group illustrates this very problem …
A business purchased a website from a local IT company which included domain, website and free hosting for the first year. It sounded like the perfect deal. After numerous issues during the first year, the business was planning to move hosting in the next month after the free hosting period ended.
Then suddenly no website, the URL displays a default web page with the message “ Would you like to purchase this domain?”
Contact with the IT company that supplied the complete package is gone, no website, no chat support, no phone, emails bounce back “domain not found”!
It appears that the company that supplied the complete package has done a “runner”.  Not only have they let their own domain lapse but also that of the business along with numerous other business domains.
As the business is not the registered domain owner, it was registered through the company providing the domain/website/hosting package, the business has no claim on the domain name and the domain registrar cannot provide any assistance.
At this stage the business is left with no domain, no website & $100’s of dollars out of pocket & loss of business and will have to try to reclaim / reregister their domain name when it is re-listed as available.
Don’t let this happen to you.
Simple client rules that I apply …
Domain Registrations:
  • You are guided to purchase domain names under your own business.
  • While you are the domain owner and it’s your identity, email, phone etc that is the link to ownership, I also have you add my email as a second email contact. This ensures that the annual domain renewal reminders are sent to two different emails and not missed.
  • Provide a 6 monthly check with you that your domain contact details eg. email, phone, address, are up to date.
    Yes, I have had clients that have changed email addresses, eg. simply moved form Hotmail to Gmail or created a new Gmail account, and literally lost domain names as they didn’t update their domain contact details and there fore didn’t receive the renewal reminders.
Website Hosting & Website Access:
  • All website hosting clients are provided with both cPanel (Hosting Account) access and full website logins and passwords.
    Majority ask “Why do I need this?” This is done to provide you with ‘peace of mind’ as you will always have access to your website.
It is your domain name and your website, make sure you own them!
Contact me to talk about your situation.