The geeky side of SEO can be overwhelming!
Here’s a quick SEO Check List to guide you through.
Most are fairly straight forward and easy to do yourself.
For others, you might need to ask a geek friend or your web person to help.

On Page SEO is simply the updates you and your visitors can see on your website.

For you page topic decide on a keyword or keyword phrase.
You can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner (Free) for some ideas.

Alternate Keywords

Customers may not always use the same words as your chosen keywords, so choose a list of keywords that are similar and work these into the page content along with your selected keywords.


Keep your page URL short, no more than 110 characters, meaningful and where possible include your keywords.

Page Content

Ensure each page has 200 to 250 words of content, making use both your keywords & alternate keywords.
Remember: Don’t stuff your content with too many keywords & write with your customer in mind.


Create a standout headline that includes your main keywords.

H1 Tag

Is your Headline your H1?
If you have both a Headline and a separate H1, include your keywords in the H1 tag words.

Image File Size

Optimise your images, may not always be possible but large images impact your page load speed and eventually your SEO ranking.
The Google Image Optimisation document is a great starting point.

Image File Name

Google can’t see images, it actually looks at your images for search results using the Image File Name & Image Alt Tag.
Include your keywords in your image file name.
eg. image1457.jpg means nothing to Google, an image name seo-check-list.jpg is better for SEO.

Image Alt Tag

Google can’t see images, it actually looks at your Images for search results using the Image File Name & Image Alt Tag.
The Image Alt Tag, is used by web browsers if they are unable to display the actual image.
Include your keywords in your image alt tag.
eg: SEO Check List

Title Tag

Create a unique title tag for your page.
Include your primary keywords in the title, there is a maximum of 60 characters including spaces.

Meta Description

Include a meta description for your page.
Write a description that is engaging, that attracts customers from search results.
Think of it as your internet “elevator pitch”!

This is how you appear in Google search results.
This is the first impression that prospects read about you!

Backend SEO To Keep Google Happy!

Create an XML sitemap.
This creates a listing of your website pages that Google can easily read and use as an index for your site.
For WordPress there are a number of plugins, two are All In One SEO & Yoast SEO.


Create a robots.txt file.
SEO plugins create both XML Sitemaps & robots.txt files.

Mobile Responsive

Check that your site is mobile responsive for phones and tablets.
Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test (Free) to check.

Page Load Speed

Check the page load speed of your website.
Two Free tools to use to check your page load speeds are GT Metrix or Google’s Page Speed.
Note: This one of those check list items you may need the help of a friendly geek or your web person to fully understand the results and implement the necessary changes.

Broken Links

Broken links on websites have two negative impacts, your website ranking with search engines and frustration of website visitors!
The free Broken Link Check will tell you what exact hyperlinks are broken on your website.

The final two on the check list require a level of tech knowledge to setup, implement and understand.
Again a friendly geek or you web person may need to assist.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you understand your customers so you can deliver a better experience.
Create a Google Analytics Account.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters provides a range of tools and support to track & improve your websites performance.
Create a Google Webmasters Account.

SEO Cheat Sheet (For Geeks)

For the absolute geeks Moz’s Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet.
Not a techie, just say I warned you! 

That’s it!
You have an understanding to make your website SEO friendly.

Cheers, Reid